14 Apr 2013

 Welcome to part 2

Step 6 

Cut of the excess wire (don't cut the long piece of wire) cut the bit that you use to lopp back around the beads. 

Step 7 

Thread onto the wire you card strips, the printed side should face towards the beads you have just threaded. Add another bead and secure in place with a crimp bead.

 Step 8 

Push the wire through the holes which is at the top of the card strip. You could add extra beads in the middle bit.  Push the card down as card as you want (depending on the shape you would like) secure in place with a crimp bead.

Step 9

Add some beads on top of the card strip, put on a crimp bead (do not crimp yet) Loop the wire back through the crimp bead and the other beads towards the centre of the ornament. Flatten the crimp bead at the bottom of the loop.

 Step 10 

Fan out the card strips.

and that's it. Hope you enjoy making this and if you would like me to do any more tutorials please make a suggestion below.

Lynda xxx

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