14 Apr 2013

 Christmas Ball Decoration

There is always time in April for a little Christmas spirit :-)

This is my first tutorial and I hope you enjoy it, any feedback would be very much appreciated.

This is what we are going to make ...


Gather all your materials

Aside from all the materials shown in the picture above you will need a hole punch and glue (I used pritt stick) You will also need some crimp beads.

Step 2

Cut 6 strips out of thin card, I used red but you can use any colour. The bigger the card you use the longer you ornament will be. I wanted mine to be quite round so I my card strips are 1.1 x 5in (approx) Cut strips from patterned paper, I used 1.5 inch strips, you don't have to worry about the length, 

Step 3

Matt the patterned paper onto the card, using either glue or tape, trim to fit. 

Step Four

Punch little holes at either side of the strip. I used this hole punch thingy (If you know it's official name please let me know)

I used the first strip as a guide in order to make sure all the holes where in the right place on all the other strips.

Step 5

Cut a piece of craft wire (about 12inch or so) and thread on a bead of your choice, I decided then to loop the wire around a pendant charm (you could either add another bead or tassel)  Push a crimp bead over both bits of wire and secure in place using your pliers (if you don't have pliers you can use closed scissors and flatten it against a table)

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