This is my first ever blog post! It took my a while to arrange my page, I dont really know my HTML's from my FCUK's! :-)  A big thankyou to http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/  If you Check out all the beautiful layouts, backgrounds and pretty animations they offer. Also if you want to upload one of thethere layouts use the old style dashboard as it doesnt work with the new one, it is as easy as click and paste!

Over the coming days I will be uploading some of my designs and entering some challenges so please keep an eye out for these under the 'Challenges' page (the link is to your right)

Altough Ive been making things all my life I am very new to cardmaking so I'm trying to brush up on my skills and learn new techniques so if you have any comments, tip or hints please leave me a comment.

 Bye for now


p.s if you do decide to follow me you will need to meet the three loves of my life, my cats Noah, Jinx and Ruby.