Introducing my fur babies!!

My other great love in life is animals :-)

When I was a little girl I told my foster mum 'i'm not going to have babies I'm going to have kittens' well I kept my word. 

Introducing my babies Noah and Jinx Cooke

Noah and Jinx where advertised on Gumtree as kitten's. My brilliant cousin rescued them as she was so concerned where they would end up.  She was so right to be concerned. I said I would foster them until a permanent home could be found as I lived in student halls of residence at the time. When I went to pick them up they crawled up my back and I felt instant love and I know I would never let them go. I took them home and this is our  first night together


Jinx has his head on Noah. 

Even though they look good on the picture they were very ill. I took them to the vet straight away and they were crawling with flies, they had cat flu and there was signs of abuse, cigarette burn on their skin. I nursed them back to health. Within a few weeks they looked like this...

and this is them today at six year old, 

Jinx                                                                      Noah 

But the story doesn't end there,....

My dear cousin about two years ago asked me if I would 'foster' another cat, of course I knew what that meant and agreed lol

Introducing Miss Ruby Cooke

Ruby has a very sad start to life and we still don't know the whole story. She clearly suffered alot of abuse as a kitten. Her first owners left her in the snow to die and she was picked up and taken in by her second owner. This owner reached out for help when she had just had kittens as he didn't know how to take care of her and that's how she came to live with me. 

She was extremely ill when she arrived and was on a very slow track to death if medical attention was given. She has just had kittens and she had a very bad infection to the point she could only lie on her back and her belly was so swollen and puss filled it reached the floor, she also had fleas and was underweight, she has been fed but she hadn't been fed the right things for a long time. This is her in the beginning. 

She came with the name Randalf but I quickly changed that to Ruby because she is so precious to me. 

Are first few weeks together was awful, she was pinning for her kittens, she attacked me a lot by biting and scratching and she begged for food constantly.  I never raised my voice, sang to her until she went to sleep and spent every waking moment with her. 

She started to play with some toys Id bought got her and her belly swelling slowly went down. One day after she bite me I pulled her onto my lap and gave her a cuddle, this was the turning point. 

This is her today, 

She still begs for food but only at feeding time and not inbetween, she sure does let's you know if she's annoyed but she doesn't attack anymore. She prefer men to women, I'm guessing that's because her second owner was actually quite kind to her. 

They truly are the loves of my life! :-)

Lynda xx 


Thank you for sharing your story about your cats. I love cats but unfortunately could not afford to have one as I live in a small apartment with my family and have two boys to look after. Maybe when my boys grow up and start their families I will get a cat. :)

Hugs, Vivien Lee from Singapore


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